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Coordinate transformation

Here you can convert single coordinates or whole ASCII files in the area of Germany between the common georeference systems. We offer you a:
        Interaktive Oberfläche auf Basis von HTML/JavaScript
        Die interaktive Oberfläche setzt JavaScript und die Erlaubnis für Session Cookies voraus.
        an interactive interface (Java applet) in German and
        Die interaktive Oberfläche setzt Java 1.7 in Ihrem Browser voraus.
        a simple HTTP interface.
        Die HTTP-Schnittstelle erlaubt Ihnen eine direkte Einbindung unseres Coordinate
        Transformation Service (CTS) in eigene Anwendungen.
The coordinate transformation is based on a "Registry" (database) for coordinate reference systems.
Depending on the source and target system the Helmert transformations and a more precise NTv2 transformationen are supported. The Helmert transformation uses a set of 7 parameters, while the NTv2 transformation uses a special displacement grid. The accuracy of the translation corresponds to cartographic requirements in the scale range from 1:25,000 to 1:1,000,000.
Beyond these services, we offer an internationally standardized Web Processing Service (WPS) for the coordinate transformation:

Any liability for the correctness and for damages resulting from the use of these services is excluded by the BKG.

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